Since March 1987 our mobile library, the “Bibliobús Bertolt Brecht”, leaves Managua in many directions all around Nicaragua.

Visits to Prisons

The “Bibliobús Bertolt Brecht” regularly visits four penal institutions at the moment: Chinandega, Granada, Matagalpa, each with approx. 800 prisoners, and the unique female prison “la Esperanza” in Managua.

Many prisoners use the opportunity to lend books from the bookbus, since they are eager to learn. Most prefer non-fiction books in order to continue their education. Demanded are books that deal with difficulties of life, knowing oneself, psychology, religion, philosophy and further education. Amazingly, many of them also like to read poems by national authors. Literature offers them a chance to escape the rough and monotone life in prison.

There is a special selection of literature for the women’s prison in order to make it easier for the women to re-integrate in society. For those who have difficulties to read the Bibliobus brings infantile literature as well.

Visits to rural communities and schools

Niquinohomo/Los Pocitos, C. A. Sandino’s birth place , is the place we’ve had very special relations with for more than 15 years. We’ve seen many of the students grow up, some got and get technical education thanks to our financial support.

Since March 2009 the bus visits the school of the small community “Dos Cerros” in Nindiri. And since October 2009 two schools near the famous Laguna de Apoyo.

Every year our bus takes part in the activities of the International Day of the Children’s Book Hans Christian Andersen. The children are keen readers, inside and outside the bus.


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