Foto: Thomas Strothjohann

The German Nicaraguan Library is a public library in Managua. It was founded in September 1993. Until 2001 it was situated in the premises of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The City of Managua donated the 1000 sqm territory in Linda Vista Norte, where the new Library was then built on. The building itself covers 463 sqm. It consists in a large lecture-hall, offering space for 65 users. With more than 14,000 samples it almost exceeds its capacities. 14% are school books, 33% national and international literature, 15% children’s and youth books and 38% non-fictional texts. The books are being obtained in Nicaragua and abroad, each year many books are donated by the International Book Fair from Frankfurt am Main and the editorials publishing in Spanish language that participate in the fair.

Something really special about the library are the paintings inside the lecture-hall and the Sala Infantil, that show scenes of Ruben Darío’s work and the Creation of earth.

After we moved in the new building, the number of users increasedrapidly. There’s an average of 100 to 150 people visiting the Biblioteca every day. They’re mainly students living nearby who do their homework and research here, but as well students at university level or adults who simply visit to read.

German literature in Spanish

The German Nicaraguan Library holds more than 700 copies of German literature in Spanish language, consisting of philosophy, psycology, religion, history, biographies, youth literature and others. Some of the titles and authors are: Legends of the Niebelungs, Hans Sachs, Kant, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin, Rilke, Kafka, Nietzsche, Thomas and Heinrich Mann, Brecht, Grass, Böll and many more copies.


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